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Greetings Soul Shiners - I'm Chef Adrienne Alyse and I'm so excited to welcome you to Restore!  This space was created because I wanted to share my journey with food.  Most chefs would tell you they love food, however, when I say it - I mean it... I really, really LOVE food! Like...seriously. 

When I started my transition to a plant-based diet, I was challenged to find what works for me, instead of following the trends.   So in true artist fashion, I did a deep dive into learning myself, my body and focused on creating my own definition of "wellness".  Through that discovery, I've learned so much - while balancing a busy schedule of work, school, family, and friends - let me tell you it has not been easy (some days are a real struggle).  But I realized it's about owning your truth.  Now, on this platform, I'm able to share recipes trials, books, films, and tutorials about growing, cooking and most importantly... EATING!  My hope is for these tools  to be as helpful for you as they were for me - so you too can build your definition of health.


We're all on different health journeys to discover what works best for us, because defining wellness is unique to each individual person.  Join me on this journey as we both discover cooking, gardening, spirituality, fitness and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Together, we can restore our bodies and minds - once that happens, your soul will shine!  

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