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Feeding South Central LA

Adrienne Wilson was fed up. After 15+ years in the food industry and seeing mountains of wasted food, Adrienne started Feed Our Soul, a restorative organization that connects people with nutrient-rich foods on a daily basis in South LA. We joined Adrienne to see the breadth of her work in South LA, and just what it takes to be the connector.

The Garden Party by Open Silo

A Conversation with Adrienne Wilson of Feed Our Soul

Ep. 3) Black Farmer's Roundtable: Non-profit Scope

Ep. 2) Black Farmer's Roundtable: Education Edition

Ep. 1) Black Farmers Roundtable 

A forum to discuss the importance of uplifting the urban farmer and protecting our neighborhood environment.  How do we establish a fundamental idea for a sustainable solution to nourish our community?  Let's learn from three powerful urban agriculture organizations on how they're changing South LA's food climate! 

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