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Founding Five Project

In 2019, we installed hydroponic gardens into schools and community spaces.  The objective of the program is to teach students how to grow and cook their own produce.  We teach our DOE approved curriculum to students and community members.  Our Food Foundations Coach visits each school twice a week to teach students environmental science, nutritional literacy and food entrepreneurship. The goal is for the program to be eligible for elective credits in the County of Los Angeles.  We aim to establish Five Foundational gardens in South LA. This will yield over 2,000 pounds of produce per year for students and families in these neighborhoods with little access to grocery stores. These "satellite gardens" greatly impact the community, by exposing them to hydroponic technology, as well as teaching students how to take control of their health by learning how to grow and cook food. We've installed gardens 2 out of 5 of our initial project.  Currently, our gardens are at LAUSD schools; Augustus Hawkins High School and Hyde Park Elementary School. 

Educational Workshops

Our educational workshops focus on live cooking demonstrations for students, parents and teachers to learn how to cook healthy nutritious food.  Our key tools replace simple ingredients for vegetables which can drastically change the perception of healthy meals. 


In the past, we've partnered with American Heart Association for the 10 year Anniversary of the Teaching Gardens program at Kelso Elementary School.  We were sponsored by CauliPower to create healthy flatbreads for over 350 students.  Also, we've done live demos at SEE-LA Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Farmer's Market and West Adams Farmer's Market.  Chef Adrienne uses farm ingredients to cook healthy plant-based recipes for community member to taste and try at home. Our goal is to broaden this into a digital at-home cooking school. There are modules and lessons for youth, single adults and families to learn how to grow herbs and produce in their home and create recipes for their family. This platform would be completely digital, for Los Angeles and Inglewood Unified School Districts to have students continue 'distance learning' while still gain credits for environmental science.

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Community Events

We love partnering with community organizations to host food focused activations.  Past partners have been the nationally known, #HashtagLunchbag to make over 200 lunch bags and distribute them to homeless in downtown, Inglewood and Crenshaw.  In December 2019, we partnered with Senator Holly Mitchell to do a lunch bag packing and distribution for her "7 Days of Service" Campaign.


Since COVID-19, we've partnered with Food Forward, Social Justice Learning Institute, Armada Unified Farms, Food Cycle LA and CropSwapLA to distribute fresh produce to families in need.  We continue to do weekly distributions on Fridays at Norman O. Houston Park.  To date we've given over 55,000 pounds of gleaned produce to over 1,500 families.


Our goal is to have a Community Hydroponic Farm for residents of South LA.  Our goal is to repurpose a space at least 36,000 sq. ft where we can grow local, sustainable organic produce and sell at an affordable price. We will use hydroponic technology, through vertical tower gardens, to grow over 3 acres of produce in a single lot space.  This space will be able to package and distribute to local businesses and community members. 


We aim to partner with a local organization to repurpose their rooftop space or vacant lot. This project is certified by the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone program, adding green space to under-developed parcels. This project will provide jobs, education as well as a direct solution to food access.  Let's give a space for students, families and households to see and learn about growing fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. 

Interested in investing?  Have a vacant lot in mind?

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