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Grow a Community

Our Community Health Impact Programs (CHIP) brings culinary arts, nutritional workshops and restorative justice events to communities in need.  Foundations, corporate brands have the opportunity to give the gift of health.  These soul-utions to the wellness disparity gives innovative, aeroponic gardens to schools, churches and families suffering from food insecurity. This program brings direct access to fresh produce for those who need it the most.

We're always looking to expand our partnerships and build connections.  Are you a company dedicated to transforming the urban community?  By partnering with us, your brand supports sustainability initiatives, educational development, technology innovation and community engagement.  Most importantly, you will impact the community in a permanent way. 

Bring CHIP to your School!

The CHIP program follows our three pillars of health: Plant, Grow and Feed. Our trained Food Foundations Coaches teach students about wellness through workshops including gardening, environmental learning, nutritional literacy, culinary skills and restorative justice initiatives.

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Want to make an IMPACT?

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