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LA Urban Farms at USC

Discover the Power of Locally Sourced Food

Everyone loves local food! Feed Our Soul is changing lives, one household at a time.  Join the millions of people being transformed by accessing a local community garden, right in your home! You can add a residential garden to any balcony, patio, greenhouse, courtyard, rooftop, parking lot, indoor space, or recreational room. Our farms are designed to directly serve YOU!

Our professional Cultivation Service comes with installation and maintenance. We assist you with planning, design and construction of your urban farm. No green thumb, no problem! Regardless of your project’s size, we’re prepared to help you every step of the way. Plus, we offer educational and culinary programing to inspire you to live a better life. Build a strong sense of self! It’s the perfect program for young adults, families and seniors.


Imagine fresh, local produce available at your fingertips; while changing the way we share, connect and feed our world.  

  • Each garden can grow over 150 different varieties of greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits, perfect for your needs.

  • Technology uniquely designed for urban settings by utilizing minimal space and recycling water.

  • The vertical garden uses 90% less land and 90% less water, which allows growers to harvest in half the time of traditional soil-based farming.

  • It requires a fraction of the amount of time, and enables the control over the food environment.

  • Most of all, it SAVES MONEY!


Feed Our Soul provides soul-utions to wellness disparities by utilizing aeroponic technology. These vertical gardens can grow most greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits. This innovative device was specifically designed for urban settings. It uses recycled water and minimal energy to produce the most delicious produce. It requires a fraction of the amount of time, and enables you to take control over your food environment. Contact us about our live demonstrations of the aeroponic system at

Feed Our Soul, Inc. is a proud partner of Tower Garden (R). They provide the equipment for our community members to implement the Community Health Impact Program and begin their journey to better health and a happy life.

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