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We are a restorative organization. Our mission is to rebuild the connection between humans and nature.  We believe it is every human's birthright to have access to nutrient rich foods on a consistent daily basis.  We provide urban agriculture hubs and sustainable living farms in South Los Angeles. Our program teaches environmental science and technology, along with nutritional and culinary education. Weekly, we share community produce distributions of locally grown produce to families in need.  We are a registered 501(c)(3) charity organization. 

Programs & Events

The Black Farmer's Roundtable

Black Farmers Roundtable - A forum to discuss the importance of uplifting the urban farmer and protecting our neighborhood environment.  How do we establish a fundamental idea for a sustainable solution to nourish our community?  Each webinar series is a forum to hear and learn from three powerful urban agriculture organizations on how they're changing South LA's food climate!  Check out our episodes on YouTube!

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