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   Our Mission   

Feed Our Soul is a movement for the community bringing homegrown produce directly to food desert neighborhoods.

We provide a safe space for students to learn about gardening, as well as cooking their own produce.
By cultivating food onsite through hydroponic technology, the harvest is 100% locally sourced, while using sustainable resources to reduce harmful emissions and protecting the planet.

Our nutritional program focuses on students learning to grow, eat, share and connect through a direct and natural food supply. 
Feed Our Soul is a restorative organization showing our communities the power of locally sourced food.  Through our nutritional program, we give you the tools to establish a simple, healthy lifestyle to help change your surrounding food environment.  The essential step in this process is to meet people wherever they are in their journey to health, without judgement or criticism. Our Food Foundations Coaches (FFC) will help you build sustainable habits for a long-lasting happier and healthier you. This program gives anyone the opportunity to genuinely fall in love with the art of gardening and cooking!
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Culinary Arts

Environmental Science

Urban Agriculture

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